Monday, February 7, 2011

Grade 7 music reflections

Today we learn about c major scale. I think it was easy. I learned that about 5 years ago. We also learn that a major scale has a specific interval.

Today we learn about the scale. It was still easy. I already learned them. We learn a song from "the sound of music" for an assessment at the 27th.

Today we learn about the intervals of the major scales again. Some of the students are having trouble so mr. sadrakh need to explain some more. The assessment is on Thursday and I am super nervous.

I got a pretty bad score, a 5.5. Mr. Sadrakh said we could have a re test on the next meeting. I am ok with that. Actually I am happy with that.

We did a retest. I got a 7.5. That's not so bad. Today is also the last meeting for the week because of chinese new year.

I am absent.

Today we are practicing for the written assessment on Monday because on Thursday, there will be an ISA test. Most of us are not prepared yet. I got mad at because I talk to much and didn't pay attention. I should pay more attention next time.

We only get half of the session because there is an ISA test. We continue to study. I need to keep studying.

Today we had our written assessment. It was easier than I thought. I though I could do better if I studied more. I probably would get a an 8 over 10. Next time I will study more.

Today, we learn about the notations again. I already new them but some people don't know them. I got mad at again because I speak to much again. Next time i'll be more quite.

Today, we learn about the notations again. Apparently, those that didn't knew them didn't study at all so Mr. Sadrakh got a little bit angry. I should study so that Mr. Sadrakh will not get mad at me. The people that got the excercise wrong need to copy it about 50-100 times.

Today we are supposed to have the exercise for the notations but it was postponed until Thursday. I think most people are relived. We practice for our assessment. Most people are better than me so I need to keep practicing

Today, I was absent because I was sick. We where suppose to have an exercise about the notations, I was ready for it. I wonder if I can get the test in Monday.

Today, I didn't get a re-quiz for being absent. Instead, I practiced for the assessment. I was really nervous. On Wednesday, I am going to practice some more with my piano teacher.

Today, we had our practical test. I went 2nd. I didn't do pretty good but I didn't do bad either. I probably get 7 or 8. I should practice more next time.

Today, some people want to do a re-test. I did. I got an 8.5, well, I expected it. In the re-test, I didn't do pretty good either because I was really nervous for some reason and my fingers are like trembling.

Today is the last day of music in term 3. We didn't really do much. We discuss our assessments in term 4. We need to do a finale program again. I still have mine but most people already lost theirs. I didn't bring the coverage for term 4 so I need to share. Next time I will bring my won.

Today is the first day of term 4 and also the first day of music class in term 4. Mr. Sadrakh asks us to make a composition of 8 bars. Quite simple. I made a mistake doing the composition, the distance between the notes are to high so it sounds weird.

We where asked to make a 16 bars composition for HW on monday. We handed it in Today. Only one person didn't submitted. Mr. Sadrakh checked some of the student's work, mostly the girls and said they where pretty good. In the practical session, I was practicing the scale.

Today, Mr. Sadrakh thought that we have done a 32 bar composition but we weren't asked to he thought so because the other classes did. Mr. Sadrakh discuss about the assessments that we are going to do for this term. On the practical test, most of us make the composition using the piano to make it easier.

Today, We were asked to show our 32 bars composition draft on our notebook to mr. Sadrakh. Most of us are not done. The ones that are done where checked by Mr. Sadrakh and he played it. We don't have much time so he didn't play all including mine.

Today we handed in the ones that haven't submit them. Mr asks us to make it at finale like last year. The new students were to ask to ones who have used them before. We could get the finale from Mr Hary. seems pretty simple.

Today we practice our composition because we have assessment for term 4. My composition is not that hard to play but then the girls in piano class made complicated ones. I didn't do pretty good because its the first time I played the song.

Mr asks us the progress on our finale. Most of us haven't even started. I have started working on it. We also practice our composition. I think I am getting better.

We started practising again. We need to be able to play on the 23 of may. I have gotten better at it. We need to submit our finale next week. I need to practice some more at home.

Today I gave the soft copy of my finale. I don't know why but I can't print the finale. Mr said I could give the soft copy now and give the hard copy later. I was so relieved.

Today we continue practicing the composition. Mr is still asking for the finale soft copy for the ones that haven't submit the finale. I am getting better and better at my song but than I can't seem to memorize it.

Everybody has already sent the soft copy at Friday. Now mister just ask us to practice and practice for our assessment. He also gives us a paper about john williams and we need to study it because we have a writting assessment at 16 of may.

We continue discussing the john williams paper. Mr asks us to read at home. Mr also checked if somebody studies. I know that I may forget to study but I'll try to remember.

I actually studied for the test and I felt ready. I have read many times at home and I know I can do this. I did about 2 pages full. I will probably get a 7 or an 8. I sure hope so.

Today was the last day to practice at school before our performance. I have really improved since the first time. I am not sure if I am going to have a good score.

Today was the assessment. Feeling very nervous. I didn't think I did that good. I didn't do that good wasn't because I didn't practice but its because i was very nervous. But I hope for a high score.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Music Reflection

Today we were given instructions. We also need to memorize the Apuse. Everything is so digital. Rana gave stupid answers.

i couldn't play today. Well I couldn't play the chord. Hehe.

Today we wrote and compose our own song. my first song I put F note but it is not suppose to be in it.

Today we sang the gundul paculcul. Every body was noisy. I want to improve my singing. We also create the chords for our song. I have to do it again because it is not AABB.

We learn a new Japanese song. We also practise gundul pacucul. We also play contrary. I need to learn the fingering. We also played our composition.

Today we sing the Japanese song. I sang terribly. Then we played our composition. I have edit my composition.

I played my composition. The piano class is very short. I have to finish my Finale.

I played the scale well. I think i need to improve the contrary. I need to finish my song.

Today we play our composition. it is kind of weird. I submit the finale but i have to edit it.

Today we submit the Finale. We played the simpsons on piano!
I practiced my composition.

Today we learn the flat scales. I thought it was very easy. i need to practice my song but I don't have time. I need to practice my for my piano lesson.

Today we wrote the finale version of our song. I did better on my song. Still a few mistakes though. I have to memorize my song.

Today we had a major scale test. It was very easy. We also had the composition assessment. I had one mistake.

Today we played the contrary. I need to practice the F & A major. Everything else is fine.

Today we have a quiz. I answered it correctly. it was easy.

Today we discussed the major scale and the triad. i also played the minor scale. it was pretty easy.

Today we played the scale.I need to practice F major. I need to memorize my composition.

Today we discussed about the MDW and the reflection. I need to do both. I can memorize my composition.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

music reflection

Today we learned the minor scale. The song i played still have a few errors on it. i can't get one part right

today we learned the minor scale. I still need to practice the assessment. But i memorized the song.

Today is the worst music time because I played the worst thing ever. I got so many wrong notes. I even wastes my time because of my temper.

Today we learn skills. We also learn how to sing O inai ni keke. We also plade the chord.

Today we sing the o inai keke. We also translate it. We also made a work sheet and it was very easy.

We wrote the major scales and played it. I think it was pretty easy. I need to improve on the flat.

Today we learn the key signature. I played the scale. I really need to practice the F major.

Today we learned the chord. We have played major and minor chord. Chords can be a triplet.

Today I need to improve my confidence. I played better and i have no mistake. I have to play in my fingertips.

We got an assessment. We got a booklet for reflection. We practice again.

4/09/09 I play the piano. i got no mistakes. I did pretty well. Well i think so...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My music reflection

In term one music, I learned a lot. I mostly learn the major and minor scale (instrument class). I played really well in piano although I am the only boy in class I got good advice from Mr. Herry. In Mr. John's class I made a presentation and a book. I did pretty well. I also learn the chords in theory class. Everything is a bit easy because some of them i learned it in my piano and theory lesson. But I also learn somethings like to find a minor just go down 3 notes from the major scale instead adding 6. I like the music class because I get to show what I can do in playing piano in front of the class. I might need to improve on being more still and keeping quietly.


Friday, October 17, 2008

Pirates of The Carribian Theme song

Got this from Youtube got there to check other cool funny videos